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Retail BIM Solutions

Utilising BIM techniques, we work with retail clients/ contractors to deliver a retail BIM design model that can not only encompass structural, architectural and M&E information but also integrates all information related to the retail world. Intelligently linking 3D CAD components with schedule related information allows the creation of a 4/5D design model to fully exploit and improve on timescales, deliverables through store development. The real time extraction of data through automated schedules combined with full design visualisation with rendered/ photo realistic views, provides an unsurpassed level of development, assessment and evaluation of a store record. This process is adaptable and can be tailored to suit all client's needs.

3D Scan to BIM

Combining our 3D laser scanning services, deriving point cloud data and processing into a full 3D CAD model, we can combine it with our BIM facilities which allows the full production of as-built surveys to be replicated in 4/5D design. This process allows us to incorporate a scan to BIM solution for retrofits or refurbishments with the principles of data rich information normally associated with new site development.