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Retail Design

Our retail planning expertise has evolved through the wide variety of projects we have conducted; we can offer support to our clients at any stage of the design process to any level required.

New space, replanning existing space through extensions or refits and planning site extensions to work with the current retail layouts, we have the skilled experience to produce quick, effective solutions all to our own high standard. From full store, detailed layouts to sketch diagrams, we can provide any level drawing required.


A key service that we have been able to provide to clients is getting involved from the initial feasibility stage of a possible retail unit. This allows them to visualise what a specific site may be able to offer, helping them to assess its viability prior complete involvement. This is an essential process in any retail development for new sites.


Assessing existing space and replanning to suit the implementation of new standards is a practice we have gained knowledge of and have applied, bringing tired retail sites to life. This a planning service we can offer that allows any level of refit to be undertaken to any client specification.


Looking to gain extra space, irrespective of the size of extension to ultimately offer the customer more. This does not always mean a sales floor extension to increase net areas but sometimes to increase back of house space to increase/ manage productivity better. We can help assessment of sites to see how beneficial extensions may be regardless of size.

Space Planning

Considering design aspects inside & outside the building to ensure the best use of space. Our planning knowledge can help to achieve the design you are after taking into account factors such as your customers, flows within the store & staff operations which all have an impact ultimately on sales and profitability.