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With our 3D laser scanner and digital surveying tools, we can provide pin-point accurate surveys which can then be drawn to any level of detail you should require:

Building Surveys - at any given stage of development it may be necessary for a building survey to be completed to identify the building outline exactly.

Fixture & Fittings - a detailed survey of all fixtures and fittings for retail/commercial. We will provide a full record of existing equipment inclusive of equipment type, size, location and manufacturer so you can gather a full understanding of your complete assets and have a comprehensive record.

Elevations - external & internal elevations to provide you with an accurate representation to aid with planning permission or rebranding.

Warehouse - to gain accurate, detailed records of the warehouse areas of a retail unit, which could be used to combat space, operational and storage issues.

Car Parks - pedestrian “areas,” access/egress, signage details, vegetation & “services” in CAD format for record or as a precursor to the design process.

Sense Check - providing you with an overview survey comparing existing CAD plans to actual appearance highlighting discrepancies.

Retail Commodity - we can provide you with any up to date merchandise layout for your store detailing a comprehensive breakdown from departmental to fixture level so a current record can be created.